TheBKTickler – Sage And The Foot Stocks

Another achievement unlocked! It’s now Sage Pillar’s turn to enter my foot stocks. We been wanting to meet each other for the longest. So it didn’t take long for plans to be set. What’s funny is she informed that may not be that ticklish. But I was happy to be the judge of that. And boy, was she ever wrong. My fingers across her soles was causing her to shake a little. The sensation intensified when I applied the oil. A lot of bucking on the table happened after that. Next was the tickle wands, they weren’t that effective on the soles, but in between the toes, that was a different story. When I put on the tickle wands, you can tell nervous she was by the expression on her face. Then I brushed it up on her soles, she was in tickle agony. Now she’s wishing this would be over soon. But it couldn’t be until I showed her the hairbrush. and it was used very intensely and she LOST it! She didn’t expect to go through this much tickling in her life. Witness all that she went through.

Length: 14:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sage And The Foot Stocks

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