TheBKTickler – Scarlett And The Foot Stocks – Uncut

This was definitely a long time coming. I been wanting to work with Scarlett storm for the longest. So when I finally happened, I was super excited. She an amazing fetish model and she’s not a stranger to tickling. So she not no idea about the tickling that she was about going through. Starting with hyper sensitive and ticklish soles. Once I locked her in the stocks, she was in trouble. And she admit that was she was scared because she never dealt with me before. And you can agree that she had a reason to be. I didn’t start slow. I went in full speed and her feet was damn near about to break out the stocks. I oiled her soles and she enjoyed that for a brief minute… until the tickling continued again. She promised to try and stay still but as ticklish as she is, that was hard to believe. It was time to whip out the toothbrush and wand. I was even nice to let her choose which one she would like to use first. I won’t give away which one she chooses first, but just know it tickled like hell. I calmed with a little bit of toe sucking. And I put on one of the tickle mitts, and you can tell what happened. Better yet, see what happened next now. Enjoy.

Length: 18:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett And The Foot Stocks – Uncut

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