TheBKTickler – Scarlett Storm Wrecked And Wrecked!

Throughout all the fun I was having with Scarlett storm, i would’ve thought it would’ve been a great opportunity to get her wrapped up with the soles being wrecked! She immediately tensed up when I applied the oil. Especially since she couldn’t go anywhere. She heard the electric toothbrush turn on and tensed up again. All she could do is twitch back and forth as the toothbrush went up and down on her oiled soles. And I couldn’t go without the tickle wand. Having them together on her soles made her quickly remember how much damage they can do. But what got her screaming was the 2 spike balls on each roles. “OHHHHOHOHOH MY GOD” is what I was hearing majority of that segment. Same with the hairbrush except there was more profanity being said. And she almost bust out the wrapping. Which means that the hairbrush was doing their job very well. But then some more intense happened.. and involves the tickle mitts. I almost challenged her to bust out. Because she almost did when the mitts were going to town on her. Another new classic mummification-style. Available now

Length: 7:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett Storm Wrecked And Wrecked!

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