TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Ethel 1

Chaos didn’t have an easy time during her first shoot, but she’s game for another go, this time joined by her new partner Xort. In terms of outfits the theme is nightwear. Xort is wearing cozy pajamas with a black and blue tiger-like striped pattern. The theme is less obvious in Chaos’ case, her pyjama pants barely visible at all in this scene, and her top is a blue T-shirt with a large Supergirl/Superman logo.

Chaos’ ankles are locked in stocks. Xort removes Chaos’ slippers and socks and tickles her bare feet for a short while. She then brings out a tickling tool that has never appeared in one of my videos before: a garden water sprayer. This is actually a team effort between Xort and myself: I pump the sprayer’s handle off-camera to keep the pressure up while Xort guides the water jet all over Chaos’ feet. Xort tries a few experimental squirts that make Chaos jump and giggle in surprise before we cut to make a few changes.

Chaos’ big and pinky toes are now restrained, making her feet easier targets. The sprayer’s nozzle has been adjusted to make the water jet as thin and powerful as possible. Xort focuses on various areas of Chaos’ soles and toes. This tickling technique probably isn’t super effective on everyone, but it works quite well on Chaos, making her yelp, giggle and laugh. Whenever the water pressure drops I can be heard pumping the sprayer’s handle for a few seconds. Kinda noisy, but the results are worth it.

Chaos appears to start getting used to the water jet after a few minutes, so Xort switches to finger tickling for the last third of the scene. Despite all the cold water that Chaos’ feet have been exposed to they’re still ticklish enough for some amusing reactions.

Chaos: 20, 5’2″, size 7 (other series: Othala)
Xort: 22, 5’4″, size 7.5

Length: 7:07
Resolution: 1600×900

Download – Last Laugh Ethel 1

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