TheTickleRoom – 18 Year old Rosie “I CAN’T DO THIS”

NEW GIRL NEW GIRL NEW GIRL!!! SO this tickling is fairly interesting because I never thought it would happen. Literally. I really never thought about it. Rosie is a friend and a girl I have known since she was 16. I honestly never even thought of her getting tickled. She didn't seem like the type and me and her always talked different things. So there came a point recently where me and her were talking and she recently turned 18 and she asked me "Matt I need money. Do you know any shoots out there I can do? I don't wanna rely on my family for help". Now Rosie is VERY well off. Her family makes LOADS but I respect her wanting to be independent. So she asked for help and I get that. But I actually sent her to a few photoshoots instead. But 2 bad experiences later and it didn't work out. She came over and I actually had forgotten to close my twitter. She saw it while I was prepping to cook and IMMEDIATELY bombarded me with questions until I got the "OMG I wanna do this but I think I would die". So I was fairly reluctant at first (keep in mind I have known this girl since she was 16). But she REALLY kept insisting so finally I said why the hell not I guess lets try it. So I KNOW how ticklish Rosie is. But I WAS NOT expecting what would happen next. 

So as many know we have The Most Ticklish Girl in our store…..We may have to change the crown because Rosie is SO TICKLISH. Rosie is an 18 year old HYPER TICKLISH girl with a CRAZY fun personality. She knows she is ticklish but never realized how bad. She has NEVER DONE anything even CLOSE To this. You can tell in her interview. She is the girl in class we all knew that was popular and rich but had a nice personality. She has size 7 1/2 feet that she works out with DAILY. So they get pretty sweaty according to her. Today she happened to be wearing boots and socks so her feet were EXTRA sensitive. She giggles often and is nervous the moment I have her toes tied up. I run my fingers up and down her soles and she giggles into SCREAMING. But her laugh is SO CONTAGIOUS. Everytime she thinks she has a spot to hide she LOSES IT when I touch her. She starts to think she can't continue but I think shes a KNOCKOUT so I keep her up beat and she keeps going. The magic happens when I rub lotion into her feet. She goes "You're gonna tickle my feet with lotion on them? Thats not gonna tickle?" Her face immediately changes when I say "Are you sure?". I find some EPIC spots that she CANNOT handle. Her feet are DEFINITELY 10/10 ticklish until I get to her upperbody. HOLY SHIT is ALL I can say. She is SCREAMING as I tickle her. She CAN'T handle this part. She keeps saying I can't do it but like a trooper she gets through! Screaming and Kicking I tickle her SENSITIVE armpits, thighs, ribs, stomach, EVERYWHERE. This woman is literally ticklish EVERY WHERE and she REALLY wants it to end. I even try gagging her. Doesn't Work. She SCREAMS way to loud and powerfully. Tickle Lovers beware. You are about to fall in love with our new girl, Rosie. 

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