TheTickleRoom – Abbies Shy Upperbody Hysterics!

big feet were fun to tickle but we all know where the party always is. I start with the thighs and knees. Abbie a giggling mess and now laughing really hard. I quickly get to the tummy and hips. Now we get the “OHOHOMYGOD” breathless laugh. She was not expecting this at all. Mei Mei is LOVING it because she hates being on the receiving end. Abbie is REALLY not able to get a laugh to stay in. Thats when we hit the ribs and armpits. She is doing well keeping her laugh until I handle bar the armpits then BOOM laugh. Thats when for a little bit me and Mei Meis EVILS long nails go OFF on her. This is a fun introduction for a really cute new model!

Length: 6:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Abbies Shy Upperbody Hysterics!

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