TheTickleRoom – Alice Gets Allison!

So Alice has become a quick Texas favorite with her cosplay abilities and fun attitude. But what no one really knows unless they do the Loyal Fans subscribtion is shes actually evil. She is a VERY mean little thing who LOVES to be dominate. So a fan decided to sponsor a shoot with Allison getting tickled BY Alice. So Alice removes Allisons shoes and does a LOT of sock tickling. She gets Allison hysterical already and then the socks come off. Now she is laying on the table with Allison going IN on her feet.You can see how evil her face is as she tickles her. Using lotion she is having SO much fun getting Allison to scream with laughter in her soles. This is a SEXY stretched foot tickling clips that made Alice EASILY one of my favorite tickle models and well….Allison is really good at just taking it lmfao.

Length: 12:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alice Gets Allison!

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