TheTickleRoom – Alyxs Nylon Hell, Tiffanys Revenge

Tiffany just got tickled REALLY bad in pantyhose and barefoot. Now its Alyxs turn to get in the hot seat so Tiffany can get her revenge. Tiffany is REALLY bratty while being VERY sweet. She talks a LOT of smack as Alyx LOSES it IMMEDIATELY. We pull her toes back and she is getting destroyed with laughter now. The pantyhose are SO tight she can barely get away but she is TRYING. We start REALLY going in and going fast when Tiffany grabs a tool. Alyx is LOSING it at this point really screaming and laughing trying to get away so bad that her pantyhose are ripping. We then double up on gloves and it finally happens. The pantyhose TEAR off her feet leaving sheer remains as Alyx just falls apart. Poor Alyx is so exhausted and this is just the beginning of this hell.

Length: 6:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alyxs Nylon Hell, Tiffanys Revenge

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