TheTickleRoom – Angelinas Armpit Escape

Ok so Angelina is super ticklish but….she is smol. So she can REALLY escape some moments. Well her armpits are HYPER sensitive. Like she will literally try to chew something off to get out lol. So for those who may not know I do NOT go crazy on bondage UNLESS its requested. I like to keep things simple and fun. Well the MOMENT I touch Angelina she is HYSTERICAL and fighting me trying to get away. I try to position the bondage and angle differently but she is just SO good at twisting her wrists out. But I say fuck it and make it a game. She refuses to lift her arms up so I tell her until she can move them up I am just going to TORMENT her. You can see the shock and nervousness in her eyes as I get near her armpits. She immediately breaks out but this does not stop me. I go CRAZY on her armpits. Well she gets out AGAIN and now its time to hand fight. I hold her down and then decide fuck it and grab the rope. Well how does she fight this? Literally flipping onto her stomach lmfao.

Length: 8:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Angelinas Armpit Escape

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