TheTickleRoom – Asian Krystals “I Want Out!!” Foot Tickle

Here we have 40 YEARS OLD (does not look 40 at ALL) Asian beauty Krystal with some AMAZING soft 6.5 feet. Now. I was NOT expecting what this shoot would come to. Krystal told me she was actually not sure she was ticklish. She felt like she was not and was looking to do mostly foot worship! So when she showed up with her literally PILLOW soft perfect soles I was excited! Make the best of this and just get some fun done! To give some context as to how ticklish she was, normally auditions take only an hour. I do not take long. They are FAST and done EASILY. Well. Not on this night. Krystal would end up being literally one of the MOST ticklish models I have EVER worked with in NY.

Between Rosie and Joey, Krystal is right in the middle. The main difference? Krystal could NOT take being tickled. I have NEVER and I mean EVER had to cut my video this much EVER. It was a lot for both of us. I really wanted to help her through this audition but Krystal was NOT expecting how ticklish she is. I had to give her a plushie to squeeze, free her arms, change stocks, use less fingers and MORE. It was so much and at one point she was READY to give up. I decided to try the REALLY low setting tools and they helped a LOT.

Lets just say for her to get tickled you better be ready to shell out a small fortune and according to her “no glove no love” in terms of I need to keep gloves on to tickle her feet because my nails are TOO much. But one thing I will say. I am proud she made it through that hell smiling and pissed off on the other side. Then I had to break it that we needed to do upperbody…..

Length: 13:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asian Krystals “I Want Out!!” Foot Tickle

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