TheTickleRoom – Audrianas Sister Serenas First Foot Tickle!

Oh man WHAT A TREAT we have here for all of you! We have Audrianas step-sister Serena and her HYPER sensitive size 5.5 feet. If you thought Audriana was ticklish? Serena is SO much worse. Serenas feet are immediately moving with her toes wiggling and shaking as I tickle her. She starts with a nice cute giggle and I LOVE her laugh. She has THICK soles and plump toes. Her feet are VERY expressive as they wiggle and move. She has some of the best feet I have ever tickled and Serena LOVES it. I get back into her feet with the lotion and she is a giggling mess playing with her hair because she loves being tickled and its turning her on while making her breathless. Now its tool time. I start with the glove and WHAT A LAUGH. She is LITERALLY wheezing. Her laugh is SO hysterical and one of my favorites of all times. It sends Audriana into a giggle fit. Poor Serena took such a deep breath she could NOT laugh. Every tool sends Serena into hysterics and makes her easily one of the best Tickle Room models of all time!

Length: 10:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Audrianas Sister Serenas First Foot Tickle!

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