TheTickleRoom – Blairs Upperbody Hell! “The Real Fantasy”

Blair is a magical woman in the sense that she is like a tickling unicorn. She LOVES to tickle and LOVES being tickled. She full on has the fetish and is so in love with it working with her literally feels magical. She is a blend of sweet and spice and tormenting her delicate soles was a treat but its time to focus on what I do best….the upperbody. Now she is big on her identity so her face is partially hidden. EVERY inch of her is HYPER sensitive so anything I touch SENDS her cackling and hysterical. I go from hips to stomach to ribs and poor Blair is just unable to stop howling with laughter. She can barely breath until I get to a spot she loves and hates. Her hips. Its a LOT but I know the spot she is gonna lose it on and she admits her fear. Her armpits. She is genuinely terrified and I do NOT blame her as the moment I tickle them she is fighting to get out. This is one of the LONGEST most INTENSE upperbody clips I have ever done with one of the best EVER. Watch and make sure you thoroughly enjoy!

(side note. Blair like many other models gets constantly harassed by fans. Please respect her identity and feelings. When talking to her you are getting a rare chance to have someone sweet be kind so do not engage so rude or entitled.)

Length: 24:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blairs Upperbody Hell! “The Real Fantasy”

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