TheTickleRoom – Breaking Mia Annabella “YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY!” UNCUT

Mia Annabella is easily one of the most under rated models in the industry and its why I LOVE working with her! But when I announced our last shoot a fan asked me “Hey Matt, I love Mia but I honestly do not know if she is ticklish and no one ever breaks her so if in your next shoot you can push it I would love that!” Normally I tell people to order customs for this kind of stuff but then I realized its true. Mia is INSANELY ticklish in very select areas and I never REALLY broke her. So I decided lets DO it.

This clip is a full uncut. Its been a while since I have done that! Its a long interview with a great shoe and sock removal. The clip goes through her getting set into the stocks and toe tied before its finally time. I REALLY push Mia in this clip. I REALLY lotion her soles and go SLOW on the right spot with her toes. Mia is a giggling mess but then I grab a tool. Its a new soft rubber brush. Instead of going slow and letting her go up I go RIGHT to her worst spot and she is HYSTERICAL. I hold that spot switching tools and I promise you have NEVER seen Mia LOSE it and SCREAM like this. She BEGS, tells me shes gonna pee, and even starts ACTUALLY crying. This is just part one! Make sure you grab her REALLY sexy lickle tickle at the foot room AND the upperbody part coming soon!

Mia will be back in NYC May 20th! and I am taking customs with her! REALLY intense tickling IS allowed she has done fully gagged stuff! Discounted rates are available for the first 3 people who order! Shes also a REALLY good Ler!

Length: 40:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Mia Annabella “YOU’RE MAKING ME CRY!” UNCUT

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