TheTickleRoom – Christina in Tag Team Foot Tickle Hell!

Time for ANOTHER round of hellish gang tickles!!! The trio this time? Christina, Chloe, and Allison! Lets kick off 2024 with them. Now Allison is officially on her 10th year with us so she was ready to rock. Imelda had some personal things going on so (unfortunate for Chloe who very much wanted her) so Christina came in, and Chloe is ready for a long list of shooting and getting feet. She LOVES feet and after her last shoot with Christina she is HAPPY to have her back and this time Christina is NOT shying away from feet. So we kick it off with Christina getting gang tickled by Veteran tickler Allison and the super kinky Chloe who loves having ladies under her fingers. They actually start by teasing her before going crazy. Now Christina has EXPRESSIVE feet so watching her toes wiggle and soles crunch are a sight to see. The girls leave no spot alone as they go quick from soles to toes without hesitation. Christina pushes against the toe ties hard and you can see her soles FULLY stretched as her toes try to crunch and protect her. From fingers to tools they do everything they can to absolutely tickle torment poor Christina as she fights laughs and gets more and more hysterical under their ruthless fingers.

Length: 8:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Christina in Tag Team Foot Tickle Hell!

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