TheTickleRoom – Curious Monica “Big Feet, More To Tickle”

PREPARE YOURSELVES TICKLE ROOM LOVERS!!! THE LINEUP IS ABOUT TO GET INTENSE! So lets start with one BEAUTIFUL and SEXY 20 year old Classic NY girl. She is a popular Instagram personality who needed to make some extra cash for college expenses. So I pitched her the idea. At first she was skeptical considering she told me this is NOT something she would ever do but was Ironically curious. VERY CURIOUS. So I actually was not betting on her showing up but SHE DID. So now it was time to REALLY turn it on and show her our world. I start with her interview where she explains her excitement and nervousness but how her curiosity is what really got her here. 

She in now all strapped up in the chair with her HUGE BEAUTIFUL SIZE 10 SOFT FEET in sneakers and black socks (She really has amazing feet). So I remove one shoe and tickle one socked foot to an IMMEDIATE JERK. She giggles as I use one finger to tickle her sole as she laughs. I test her feet slowly after removing her other shoe. Her right foot is surprisingly more ticklish! (its normally the left). But then I slowly remove her socks to get her sweaty feet. She has LONG plump toes with VERY sexy soles. I toe tie her and now its time to REALLY go in. I apply lotion before going as FAST AS I CAN with my fingers. But there is SO MUCH To tickle on her HUGE FEET. She shrieks but can't go ANYWHERE. They are SO SOFT in the center of her soles. But then I break out the fun with the tools. She CANNOT handle the tools very well getting frustrated as I continuously tickle her with the onslaught of tools and my fingers. But what REALLY breaks her is DOUBLE BRUSH HELL. But it does not end when I stretch her body out for some upperbody tickling. I will say her upper body is not as deliciously ticklish but it definitely gets her giggling. I was going to push her further but this was the first shoot and I was pretty exhausted

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Download – Curious Monica "Big Feet, More To Tickle"

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