TheTickleRoom – Earthy Soles First Tickle Pt 1 “Size 12 Goddess and Giggles”

Earthy Soles is a SWEET 27 years young woman (seriously shes such a pure soul) with size 12 (she says 11 but its LIES) feet! She has been a foot model for quite some time now and one thing I noticed following her page is she was NEVER tickled. Well I could NOT have that. But we spoke for a while and I was BEAT after Texas and she was NOT close all the way in Ohio. But with Covid and family travel was impossible for her…..but not me. So for the first time in my career in just 3 days I packed up again and left NYC on day 4. I got to Ohio after a 10 hour drive meeting Claire Coda and then we relaxed. The next morning I got to finally meet the amazing and STUNNING Earthy as well as her friend Hippy soles. Earthy truly was like meeting a goddess. She is absolutely stunning and a ball of energy. The moment she is tied up it is time. I was so exhausted and excited I actually forgot the interview. But I tie her toes to the spreader bar and get started. I start with some finger tickles and she is super ticklish. She starts giggling and laughing with such an adorable laugh as I find all the spots on her feet. I add lotion and fingers while my nails are REALLY long. I break out tools and go even harder. Earthy giggles and screams at almost every tool until I add her own best friend to help me. We each grab a foot and toe with a tool. Earthy laughs so hard her face is super red. But this is just the beginning….next is the upperbody….

Duration: 13:58.304
Size: 519,956 Mb

Download – Earthy Soles First Tickle Pt 1 “Size 12 Goddess and Giggles”

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