TheTickleRoom – Fantoms First Time “Aggressive Dom Tickles!”

So Fantom is a Mona Lovelesses BEST friend and dominatrix buddy. She is a really fun person but is NOT a fan of this shoot. She decided to give this shoot a shot and you can tell from the opening of this clip she is none to excited. She is a stunning 25 year old Asian model with BEAUTIFUL size 5 feet. As a dom she is very into being the one doing the torment not receiving it! From her interview I felt she was barely ticklish. Well, in this video we find out she is REALLY good at holding it in. Kinda. When I start finding spots she is REALLY good at pulling away AND crunching her toes SO hard you cannot tickle her. The lotion makes a GAME changer where she starts to REALLY crack and pull her feet THROUGH the stocks but this works in my favor since it kind of traps her toes in the same spot. I use the soft brush and she safewords FAST. Thats when I decide to break out the hand brush. Well. Thats when she literally BEATS my back UP lmfao while LOSING it screaming. Sadly for Fantom EVERY tool works and she CANNOT hold it in anymore. You see whenever she recovers she has this permanent smile on her poor face. Check out this fun clip with a new amazing model!

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fantoms First Time “Aggressive Dom Tickles!”

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