TheTickleRoom – Fit Michelles Feet are More Ticklish

So for those who are new Michelle is a retired body builder who just works out alot and is a trainer! Well when I first met her she was kinda ticklish but I have been breaking down her sensitivity lately. When I saw her this time things had one MASSIVE change. She was not really on her feet as much due to school……so her feet were WAY more sensitive. Now when I say that do not think she randomly went Rosie or Layla on me but it was still a shock and awesome. She is much more squeaky and moaning this time. She fights really hard on the laughing and its interesting to watch because shes REALLY trying hard not to laugh. You can tell its a whole new level for her. Normally she tries to PUSH the laugh out but now she is actually like “OH OH GOD” trying to keep it in. Its a fun cat and mouse and by the end I get her giggling pretty hard but we were tight on time and had to move on!

Length: 7:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fit Michelles Feet are More Ticklish

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