TheTickleRoom – Jazzys First Foot Tickle

So while Kai was in town on that weekend I just had this random BOOM in talent showing up. The biggest of which was Jazzy. She is 23 Years young with some THICC size 8W and they are WRINKLY. Now Jazzy is one of those really cute lees. Shes a mormon/muslim background whose family is EXTREMELY conservative obviously. Tickling her is literally tickling a rich girl. She is very much here because she is going with the flow and curious. The money is a huge bonus but I can tell shes living wild right now since she was immediately open and talking footjobs the first day in. Now in auditions I DO NOT actually try to push to hard in intensity. I let the model flow and change tactics based off their reactions. If you wanna see them go through hell thats the point of customs. I generally just start with the basics and try to make it as fun and simple as possible. When I start Jazzy PULLS the damn hand restraints and her toes SPREAD showing every wrinkle. Now Mei Mei is there kinda coaching her but more intrigued (fyi Mei Mei LOVES being on set when shes not in the hot seat). FULL disclosure Jazzy talks a lot and laughs VERY soft. She is one of those you have to OVERLOAD and it shows up in her million dollar smile. Well I do get Mei Mei and then Kai to help out. Personally I am waiting for one of those hell customs that are LONG to come through. I think more lers and a drawn out tickle would easily break poor Jazzys pampered body.

Length: 9:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazzys First Foot Tickle

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