TheTickleRoom – Jazzys Upperbody Hell!

So before Jazzy came to shoot she was EXTREMELY vocal about one thing and did NOT stop brining it up. She was afraid to pee herself. She literally was so scared those shorts shes wearing? Those are MINE lmfao. Jazzy was CONVINCED she would piss herself and wanted to be safe. The foot tickling did not give me any fear this could happen honestly. Until I get her in this weird upperbody position I was trying and I touch her. I immediately see why shes scared now. She tells me its not so bad but she is REALLY giggly. Kai comes in to check my angle as I tickle Jazzy. I love this now. She is WAY more sensitive and talking while moving. She keeps bringing up peeing then I go FAST on the tummy and she is now FREAKING out laughing. I REALLY get Jazzy going and she is giggling and laughing so hard that we all tease her too pee. Mei Mei then starts to feel so bad she asks to give her a break and I let her off the hook. But I warned her the upperbody fans….they are COMING.

Length: 6:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazzys Upperbody Hell!

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