TheTickleRoom – Kals Confused Foot Tickle!

Here we have one awesome and very interesting model the new Weird Kal! So Kal is 24 years young and a lesbian with VERY little experience in the kink world. Well in this shoot her whole world gets turned upside down. Kal is VERY horny and interesting as a person. She LOVES kink and sex but never seems to find a LADY (sorry fellas) to give her what she needs. She works in an interesting job at her hospital at odd hours so right out of work she shows up boots on ALL smiles. Now she is Mikas best friend and apparently 25/10 ticklish lol and I will say, she is BUT she also is CLEARLY super into it. Now I am clearly a man so she is not into me but the tickling and this combined are sending her whole body and mind into a MASS confusion. To Kal tickling and her feet are NOT what she thought would do it for her. She starts off fighting a bit clearly in a pickle because this is new. She has an angry almost feral initial response bursting from speed and fingers. So I switch it up with massage oil and go in. Kals toes are wiggling in the sexiest way ever as she fights the toe ties and stocks. It does NOTHING. Its tool time and now Kal CANNOT fight the laughter as she loses it. But her fight has gotten WAY stronger. I did not have my c clamps down and that was a mistake so I use Mika to weigh Kal down. Kal LOSES her mind from the brushes and gloves but then I let Mika join in on the fun and by the end Kal is a sweaty, horny, confused as fuck mess. But its upperbody time!

Length: 15:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kals Confused Foot Tickle!

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