TheTickleRoom – KK Qing and Blair Tickled Together

So Blair just got tickled by me and KK Qing but now is time for some fun…..Blaire and Qing tickled TOGETHER. So this shoot was pretty on the fly. Mid story while KK Qing is talking I start tickling her. Now she SUCKS at getting tickled while talking. She starts hysterical laughing abandoning her story before ripping the nylons of the stocks. So Blaire has her fun with Qings feet first while I get Qings upperbody. Man I LOVE KK Qings laugh. She has that amazing burst laugh. Those pantyhose do NOT last long. This is probably the worst I have ever tickled poor Qing. Then for the SECOND half of the vid we sit Blair in Qings lap and oh man they have the PERFECT chorus of laughs. My favorite is for a short while I have Blaire tickling Qings feet while I tickle hers and then Qing grabs poor Blair and holds her while we tickle her tummy. This is one fun and charismatic clip. I also call Blair Ski mask a lot becuase this is prior to her beautiful mask we use in the other series with Imelda and Neko.

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – KK Qing and Blair Tickled Together

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