TheTickleRoom – Kseniias Confused Foot Tickle!

A new and very interesting shot in the dark by me. So I worked for MANY years in the actual photography world of fashion and beauty. That being said I have seen many models come in and they are VERY different in personalities SOME of which were open (Like Monica and Coco!) and actually do fetish work. Well now we have a wild one. A SUPERMODEL from Ukraine Kseniia! She is 31 years young and has NEVER done tickling or foot work. She has only ever done playboy and artistic work. So when she said yes to fetish work I was SHOCKED. But she was nervous herself. She did not even know if she was ticklish and does not let ANYONE touch her. I had concerns so Katy helped me speak with her since Kseniias english is not very strong yet. Katy and Kseniia both laughed at me saying she was actually pretty excited to try it thinking its easier money. Well lets see if she was right.

To give you some context whenever you tickle a person of a higher caliber of model, they give the MOST genuine reactions. See most girl next door models they react crazy of course but models who have a lot of money or are of a certain status they REALLY react wild or confused and this one of those moments. Kseniia has NEVER been tickled and lives a lavish calm life so laughing especially being MADE to laugh is VERY foreign to her. The moment I touch her feet she is VISIBLY confused. Its actually funny in its own right. She makes these hilarious almost disgusted faces. I wont lie though. NO laughter. So I am wondering if shes even that ticklish. Thats when I bust out the gloves. She is wondering if shes doing awful and the gloves are bringing the lightest laugh ever but her facial expressions and feet moving tell an entirely different story. When I find the right spots she is NOT a fan as she laughs lightly squinting and pulling away. Wanna see a light laugh and awkward reaction of someone completely new to our realm? Well lets welcome Kseniia to the fold!

Length: 6:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kseniias Confused Foot Tickle!

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