TheTickleRoom – Kseniias New World Upperbody!

So foot tickling got Kseniia a little more nervous about this tickling gig but the thing is no matter HOW restrained models are for foot tickling they always feel a little free. The hard part as I have been told is when you are super ticklish you cannot do anything but laugh or watch or both. Well now we have what EVERY model says is the WORST of all tickling. Upperbody. This is where all models say its SO much worse because you are so intimately close, the sensation of laughter is WAY stronger, and the tickling is SO much more intense. This is where things get wild for most models. So now we have a model who was able to really fight it now in a situation where, you really kind of cannot. Lets see how she does!

Kseniia is in a nice skirt with a crop top and boobs loose. So she came with less makeup and a little more natural at my request and you can REALLY see how new and difficult this is for her. I am on her tummy and ribs and she is FIGHTING me. This is a true fight or flight response. Now tickling someone like Kseniia can be hard because upperbody tickling can hurt, especially for skinnier models and she is very small. So I take it easy with light tickling and I am shocked to see her hysterical and fighting already! She is lightly laughing, complaining, and fighting. I go for a little extra grab on her waist and it hurts so I give her a break while I mentally evaluate my next move. Its seemingly all ribs and stomach before I try her armpits. This is getting somewhere but I feel like its a mix between hellish and painful so I take a break fast and try the thighs. This is funny because now you are getting a TOTALLY different reaction. She is giggling less and smiling more (I later found out she really liked the feeling) but she was totally learning her body here. She was VERY surprised at how much this tickled but also felt a little good after. I try the armpits again but they are TOO much for her. So I take it down a tad. This is another video of a great model not used to this type of tickling getting some upperbody love!

Length: 5:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kseniias New World Upperbody!

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