TheTickleRoom – Laughter Therapy With Sophia Pt 2

In the first part we really broke Sophia down on her beautifully perfect soles but now its time to tickle something we did not focus on before…..Her upperbody. Now in the audition Sophia was REALLY holding back so I did not push her to laugh to much yet. Then round 2 happened, with her LOSING it now when I touch her. Being more comfortable I stretch her out and its time. I start with light rib tickling and stomach tickling. Sophia is a giggling mess and then I go near her hip line. I never noticed until editing but she looks at me and raises her eyebrows in a fun way. When I asked her later she said she wanted me to tickle lower but I went RIGHT back to her stomach making her giggle again. It was so much fun seeing the change in her personality for this second time. I get her thighs and knees and she LOSES it fighting and laughing. I did not wanna bruise her so I switch back to her tummy and ribs doing the trick. She laughs so hard she gets almost breathless. You can see her actually breaking down like with her feet. I wind her down with some neck and ear tickling but she gets a little too calm and excited so its BACK to the tummy. This is a huge bounce around with Sophia going through a roller coaster of emotions!

Length: 5:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laughter Therapy With Sophia Pt 2

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