TheTickleRoom – Lucie Yangs Upperbody Hell!

So Lucie Yangs feet are hyper sensitive but its time to see how that upperbody is. IMMEDIATELY her belly button is a bad spot with her tummy so I open up QUICK with raspberrys. Poor Lucie is already a hyper giggling mess gasping through her laugh. I get my tongue in her belly button and she is fighting shocked at how ticklish she is there. So I switch it up to crazy intense with armpits and ribs and Lucie CACKLES howling with laughter. Its such a turn around from her normal laugh I give her chance to breath before going back to the tummy and she is howling again. EVERYTHING tickles as I get to her hips and she is breathless giggling again before I get in there and we are back to the cackles. In this shoot I use a LOT of cooling aloe. While I add it Lucie is already trying to breath but is still out of breath. My hands FLY from using what Lucie calls “Korean Jizz”. I tease her making her say she loves being tickled and that I can tickle her anytime. This is one of my most intense upperbody tickles with a fun end interview. I love Lucie and cannot wait to work with her again!

Length: 12:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lucie Yangs Upperbody Hell!

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