TheTickleRoom – Lunas Laughter Therapy! Pt 1 Silky Soles

For MILF MONDAY! Here is the AMAZING 58 year old…..Luna! She has been awesome in sessions and certain shoots but this was her coming in because she told me she needed a REALLY good laugh. After a really rough few weeks she actually loves the laughter release but she is very sensitive so I have to be careful. But….suprisingly for me she was REALLY able to take it. I start with lotion and fingers and she is giggling her ASS off already. Her feet are fully in frame as I make her hysterically laugh. Poor Luna does not stand a chance as I use the soft bath brush. She is laughing so much harder than normal and I am loving it. I did not think she could laugh harder until I used the hand brush. I had to stop to adjust the ankle for her. But this is one of my FAVORITE just non stop general belly laughter videos I have ever made. Its amazing to really see Luna just LAUGHING her whole stress out.

Length: 17:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lunas Laughter Therapy! Pt 1 Silky Soles

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