TheTickleRoom – Lunas Laughter Therapy! Pt 2 Smiling Hysteria

Lunas feet really made a lot of you excited huh? Ya she is super amazing on those sexy toes but whats even crazier is how ticklish her upperbody actually is. So as I said in the previous video she is VERY sensitive so you have to be careful to follow the thin line that is her laughter vs pain. I start with her knees and she is actually losing it. She forgets her safeword begging for a rest and we have just begun. I think her stomach wont be too bad…..I was wildly wrong. She is a hysterically giggling mess. The ribs are so bad for her. I go light and it does so well and THEN the armpits. She is laughing so hard that while breathless she tells me she cant take it at all. I have NEVER heard Luna laugh this hard and it was a TREAT. I was so happy and it was one of the easiest tickles I ever had to do.

Length: 7:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lunas Laughter Therapy! Pt 2 Smiling Hysteria

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