TheTickleRoom – Marylous Hysterically Sensitive Upperbody!

So Marylou is REALLY ticklish but I have not really gotten her upperbody actually. This is the first time I like go IN on her stomach. So Marylou immediately is not happy about being up there doing the infamous “ay how long is this??”. Then were in business. She is VERY easy to tickle. The moment I touch her stomach she is laughing and complaining in spanish. She actually freaks out pretty bad. I honestly was shocked. When I get to the armpits shes hysterical. I have almost never seen her like this. She does not know how to react at all. She cackles and throws her tongue out while begging. This is technically her first real upperbody hell where I go a little harder and it does not disappoint!

Length: 8:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Marylous Hysterically Sensitive Upperbody!

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