TheTickleRoom – Michelles Giggling and Screaming UB

So Michelle working out but not bulking has exposed more sensitive areas on her body not just her feet. The last time I tickled her upperbody me and Christina realized with her you had to DIG for the spots. Well this time I have time and I was freshly stretched. Michelle was not prepared for how much more she would laugh compared to the past. She is stretched out in the same way we do with most upperbody clips and the moment I start she is squinting because I go STRAIGHT to her thighs. I start going off on her stomach and ribs DEEPER and she actually starts to BURST. I have never heard her get like this. She is laughing hard and squealing into screams of fighting trying to stop her laugh. I can tell she is NOT used to this. Grabbing her hips and thighs she is shocked literally tensing her body and pulling the cuffs. Michelle is REALLY strong and honestly I thought she was gonna break the cuffs off. But the new spot? DEEP in those hips. I get IN THERE and she SCREAMS. It is amazing.

Length: 7:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Michelles Giggling and Screaming UB

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