TheTickleRoom – Ring Leader Alice Intense Upperbody!

Alice has been through a LOT with the foot tickling and spontaneous gang tickle but NOW its about to be on. We are all pretty spent after this LONG shoot. So Alice is worried because her legs, ribs, and armpits are NEVER tickled. So the moment I grab her thighs she TIGHTENS up and her eyes go WIDE. But to tickle her thighs was shockingly tough. They are STRONG on the same level as Michelle who is literally a fitness trainer. So I am DIGGING and shes losing it but fighting me well enough that I move to her ribs and tummy. She has this sweet and cute giggle. Its so much fun until I get to those armpits and she LOSES it. But thats brief. I mess around a little more and then head over to her armpits. Poor Alice just cannot catch her breath losing it BAD. This was FUN but I wanna see her REALLY get it.

Length: 5:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ring Leader Alice Intense Upperbody!

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