TheTickleRoom – Rouxs Surprise Audition Foot tickle!

Disclosure. I did this shoot with a bad back and actually ended up in the ER like 3 hours post shoot lmfao. I am way better now. But my energy is a little low in this. Thank you so much to Alice for being a HUGE help for me.

So this is one of those crazy moments that happens but you are not expecting it. Roux is a 22 year old beauty with SEXY size 6 feet. Now she was ACTUALLY here for 2 OTHER models who were new to the scene as well! One was a big sexy goth Violet and then Sexy BBW Cyber! Roux was tagging along to catch the boat near my house after and get drinks with the girls. Well Violet (as she says) has no soul and is not ticklish at all lmfao but shes super awesome. Cyber is ticklish but not so much on the feet. With a dud of a night they all turned to Roux. She smiled and said “um I guess I can try it but I am really ticklish I don’t wanna like punch you”. So lets begin!

Roux is beautiful and super alt. She had combat boots on and normally this means the feet get a little rough. NO. Rouxs were STUNNING. Like WOW. She had a CLEAN pedicure and SOFT soles. I was actually SHOCKED. So now toe-tied, arms up, and nervous we get started. I start with fingers and shes ADORABLE. She is shy and laughing while the girls make fun of her. Violet literally says “show no mercy” in the corner. So I know I need a BOMBshell reaction. The gloves SEND her packing. Now the thing is not a lot of models can tickle BUT I let Alice and Cyber come on in and give me a solid help!

Length: 9:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rouxs Surprise Audition Foot tickle!

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