TheTickleRoom – Sapphire Loves Upperbody Tickling!

So Sapphires feet were SO much fun to tickle but NOW? Its upperbody time. She is actually so excited for this part for some reason where most are terrified. I get on her stomach and hips and her laugh now is AMAZING. Its so bursting and cute. Sapphire is ALL smiles loving every single touch on her soft body. The hips and stomach are pretty bad but the armpits SEND her into a HYSTERICAL giggle way more desperate than the others. I can tell she is running shy of breath so I give her some time to recover. Then I find the EARS. I have not really tried this spot in a while and gave it a go. She LOSES it but I give her a break before getting to the ribs and hips again. This was awesome and one really amazing ticklee!

Length: 5:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sapphire Loves Upperbody Tickling!

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