TheTickleRoom – Serenitys First Time Foot Tickle!

Serenity is a 25 year old friend of Kairis who is a thick Hispanic beauty with SOFT size 5.5 feet. She is HYPER sensitive on her feet. She takes VERY excellent care of them with weekly pedicures. She does well keeping composure as I tickle her soles and heels. Slowly dragging my fingers is so fun as she giggles and fights. I continue with lotion and her giggles are adorable as I can see her fear in her face from giggling and wondering when I am gonna stop. Thats when the tiny brushes come in and now were getting her complaints and begging in spanish and english as she eeps and laughs fighting. For the finale I sit on her legs and go POV with oil. Now I make poor Serenity SCREAM with laughter begging me to stop.

Length: 13:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Serenitys First Time Foot Tickle!

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