TheTickleRoom – Shy Allys First Time “Big Feet, Soft Giggle”

Here we have the highly anticipated, nervous as hell, 25 year old Ally. Ally has beautiful size feet and is SHY. Getting to my place she was nervous, and REALLY shy about everything. But after some talking, hanging out, and showing her more of what we do she actually really opened up…until the cameras turned on. Now she has AMAZING size 9 feet ESPECIALLY considering she is an athlete!!!! Ally is strapped in (see the interview on my Loyal Fans) with her sexy feet facing us. I keep this clip pretty simple and focus on getting reactions out of Ally. Now Ally is not an easy cookie to get going but when I do her smile and giggle make it 100% worth it!

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Shy Allys First Time “Big Feet, Soft Giggle”

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