TheTickleRoom – Sophies First Hogtie

So Sophie is one of the more popular models with The Tickle Room and her size 9 feet are always what everyone wants to see. Well in this clip you also get to see her in a whole new style of bondage…..hogtied! She is super sensitive but very restricted so she does not know how to handle the shoot let alone this VERY restricted position. Its nothing to crazy but I do add some foot spanking and upperbody tickling. Sophie always a very restricted laugher who very much fights and bursts at the same time. She has a serious love hate relationship with tickling lately lol. I mess with her about foot worship but never do that. It was her hardest limit and I was hell bent on never crossing that line, but APPARENTLY she might change her mind according to her lol. But I would not hold my breath fans.

Length: 12:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophies First Hogtie

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