TheTickleRoom – Spicy Latina Naomis First Foot Tickle

Here we have the STUNNING new Latina 32 years young Naomi! She has size 6.5 feet and ironically enough I thought we would NEVER shoot. She was a VERY sassy and aggressive model to recruit so things were ROUGH to start before she finally a year after we had an argument an falling out hit me up. It was VERY out of nowhere I was shocked. That’s when she told me she was in a rough relationship at the time and had since thankfully left it. She was fully on board to shoot now and really wanted to go off. So as every model starts it was audition time! Her interview (loyal fans for subs only!) was fun where she explained how she was the most ticklish out her sisters so they literally duck taped her once and tickled her. So she has some odd experience but actually loves the release and idea. Now. Naomis feet are SEXY I mean her soles are just so beautiful with a GREAT arch and very plump sexy toes. I start with fingers and she is biting her lips laughing trying to keep it in. I love her little giggle and yell before I find a GREAT spot under her toes. She bursts before gaining composure and her feet slip around for a second but I grab some lotion. Now she is really fighting. She inhales DEEP before literally breathlessly losing it. I love lees like this because its like they’re feet do the laughing. She is KICKING into those toeties and its doing nothing while GASPING in the back. Now its time for the tickle gloves. She immediately laughs fighting it in shock. Her face when it starts is priceless. It tickles so bad she almost goes forward and grabs my hands but keeps herself in check. But her feet are PUSHING those toe ties to their LIMITS lol. She then makes such a funny comment saying this is the greatest foot rub of her life. Now for Naomi the WEIRDEST tools just work on her. The 2 that work the most are the auto tickling head machine thing and the TOOTHBRUSH. Yes they normally tickle but for her it TICKLES BAD. The moment it goes between her toes in the right spot she is LOSING it.

Length: 14:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Spicy Latina Naomis First Foot Tickle

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