TheTickleRoom – Tickling Serenity “This Wasn’t Easy” UNCUT

So. A little backstory since you guys know my life can be crazy. Serenity is a 29 year old model who is SUPER sweet and cool. We met a long time ago and Perla tried to get her to be tickled but she was NOT DOWN at all. She is TERRIFIED of being tickled saying it is WAY to much. Years later and I met her and she told me she STILL was not down. Well when Zero (who is a friend of hers) came to NY JUST for TICKLING, Serenity IMMEDIATELY spoke to me saying "….I wanna go to NY…" So a few months later here she is! Nervous as hell Serenity is ready for her tickling Audition to see if we as a community want her for customs and NY sessions 😉 

Serenity says she is a 10/10 ticklish who is NEVER tickled from how much she hates it. She is however really open minded and I get ready with her size 5 1/2 feet. I tie her into the stocks and we prep. She is nervous but READY. So I slide her shoes off exposing black socks and the MOMENT I touch her feet she loses ALL control laughing. Serenity is ticklish with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. I tickle her SOCKED feet as she screams and laughs until I get those socks OFF. Now we are cracking. She now is SUPER TICKLISH as get BOTH off tickling her BARE soles. She can barely take the tickling as I run my fingers over her soles and in between her toes! 

But You guys know I cannot stop there. Next up I get her into a toe tie and grab the oil and lotion. She chooses LOTION. So I lotion up her feet and tell her "Tell me if its worse now…" I get to tickling and a HUGE burst of LAUGHTER AND GIGGLES comes flying out of Serenity! "OK YA IT MAKES IT WORHAHAHAHA" Is essentially what I got. So I continue my onslaught using EVERY SINGLE TOOL. They were literally ALL effective. She is SCREAMING in laughter and SO exhausted but thats when I pull out the WORST for my girls with TICKLISH TOES. I use my tongue in between her TOES and IT IS EFFECTIVE. Literally the WORST as she SCREAMS in laughter but thats when I get a MOAN!!!!! So IT FUELS me to continue the LICKLING onslaught! She continues to MOAN and HYSTERICALLY LAUGH obviously not used to this feeling!

But I stop leaving her spent…as I prep to tickle the rest of her sexy body. So now I get to her upperbody. I tickle her thighs and knees to KICKING and GIGGLING. But thats not the fun part. I open her shirt exposing her HUGE breasts but then…..I get those ARMPITS. At first Serenity holds on screaming in laughter but as I go LONGER she begins to KICK uncontrollably!! She screams in laughter and by the end of it all Serenity is just a sweaty giggling mess. 

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1440×1080,, 8220 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 27:53.144
Size: 1 530,93 Mb

Download – Tickling Serenity "This Wasn't Easy" UNCUT

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