TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Sensory Deprivation Hell!

The Tickle Don WILL break poor Tiffany. She is locked in stocks, toes tied, arms up, barely clothed, gagged, headphones on listening to nothing but the Tickle Don and her laughter via a mic, and worst of it all? She cannot even see. Now The Tickle Don relishes this tickling her mad. Her feet are so sensitive you can hear her laughing through the gag but then gagging and sucking in her own spit via laughter. The Don uses a vibrating toothbrush on poor Tiffany and she is HYSTERICAL while losing breath fighting the gag. Then he uses the grooming gloves and poor Tiffany is besides herself laughing and whimpering. The Don is having fun but now its time to hear that laugh. He removes the gag and its armpits time. He spends SOME time there but not TOO much before switching to her feet again able to now hear her screams and laughter! But. He is NOT done. Poor Tiffany has one intense finale she may never forget.

Length: 11:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tiffanys Sensory Deprivation Hell!

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