TheTickleRoom – Valeries Upperbody Hell!

I feel like I have not given you all a solid upperbody only clip in a while so here we go! Val is amazing and having the fetish she is ALWAYS down to come get tickled. This time she was getting the chance to work with the lovely transgender supermodel Brigitte! She is a really good friend of mine and the chance to help tickle was fun for her (well little did she know revenge was coming).

I start with Vals hips and she is already giggling when I get to her tummy and ribs. Val has a very sensual almost horny giggle. Then again she does love being tickled so it makes sense. I use a lot of oil and she is giggling with the occasional burst before she goes topless. Topless with a LOT of baby oil. This makes Val giggle and laugh in a way I never heard. Brigitte gets her long nails on Vals nipples as I tickle her tummy as Val actually starts to BEG. This was super fun and well now Val wants her revenge.

Length: 11:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Valeries Upperbody Hell!

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