TickleIntensive – Amiee Cambridge

Age: 31

Foot Size: 9.5


Amiee Cambridge is here for her first tickling at Tickle Intensive and the girls don’t go easy on her. She’s locked in the stocks with her big ticklish feet toetied and her sensitive upperbody/tits completely exposed.

Courtney Cummz and Vika are charged with tickling Amiee and they are happy to tickle their victim until she’s scream with hysteria! Courtney gets first crack at her and she makes Amiee shriek and squeal with laughter as she tickles her feet and upperbody, paying special attention to her sensitive soles, long ticklish toes, and HER EXPOSED AND TICKLISH TITS! Then Vika joins in on the fun and now poor Amiee is screaming with hysterical laughter and both girls rake their sharp nails up and down her slender soles at the same time! “NAHAHAHAHA! YOU GUYS ARE BIT-HI-HI-HI-HITCHES! MMMHAHAHAHA!” They work their fingers between her long toes and use pinwheels and dual hairbrushes on her sensitive arches, making her jerk and laugh uncontrollably! Her sides, stomach, exposed tits, even her ticklish inner thighs are all thoroughly explored by the girls, despite Amiee’s laughter-choked pleas for mercy!

The girls have a good time wrecking Amiee. By the time they’re finally finished tickling her, she’s been reduced to sweaty gasping mess. They leave her locked in the stocks to contemplate her next ordeal…

Double Team Tickling.

Length: 11:28
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Amiee Cambridge

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