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Bella has an attitude lately and Bianca knows just how to correct. This Italian ballerina is DESPERATELY TICKLISH, especially on her gorgeous excruciatingly sensitive size 9 feet, and Bianca is going to be brutal with her. She locks Bella in the stocks in a skimpy bikini and cloth gags her. Her sensitive toes are tightly toetied, rendering them immobile.

Bianca can't wait to make Bella scream so she starts with her worst spot, HER FEET! She mercilessly tickles her soles with her sharp nails, making Bella squeal with hysterical laughter through the gag. Baby oil makes her feet even more ticklish and now she screams hysterically when her slick soles are tickled by Bianca's wicked nails. Fingernail tickling is bad, but the real t0rture starts when her soles get a taste of the comb and the brush! Bella absolutely HATES the comb between her toes, it makes her shriek with laughter and scream like a woman possessed, but Bianca finds her reactions entertaining and tickles her with the comb again and again! WHEN SHE PUNISHES BELLA'S FEET WITH TWO COMBS AT ONCE, THE POOR GIRL'S EYES BUG OUT OF HER HEAD AS SHE SCREAMS “STOOOOOOPPP!” THROUGH THE GAG, BUT BIANCA JUST LAUGHS AT HER PLIGHT AND TICKLES HER EVEN HARDER! Then she abruptly switches to the brush and proceeds to viciously scrub Bella's soles, making her break out in a sweat and forcing her to screams with laughter until she's gasping for air.

Bella's upperbody is also extremely ticklish and Bianca takes full advantage of the skimpy bikini she's wearing, tickling every square inch of exposed skin, driving her mad with laughter! She tickles her armpits, sides, stomach, hips, even her super sensitive inner thighs and knees! Between bouts of hysterical laughter, Bella begs for the tickling to stop, but Bianca just laughs at her muffled pleas and tickles her hot body even more! BELLA SHAKES AND DANCES IN THE STOCKS, FRANTIC TO GET AWAY FROM BIANCA'S FINGERS, BUT THERE'S NO ESCAPE – all she can do is laugh hysterically as Bianca tickles her to heart's content!

Bella is exhausted – she's covered in sweat, gasping for air, and drooling through the gag, but her tormentor isn't finished with her yet. To her horror, Bianca returns to her feet for another round of tickle t0rture. THIS TIME, BELLA IS HYSTERICAL FROM THE VERY START – HER FEET ARE MORE SENSITIVE THE MORE THEY'RE TICKLED, AND NOW THEY'RE SO EXCRUCIATINGLY TICKLISH THAT JUST ONE TOUCH FROM BIANCA'S NAILS IS ENOUGH TO MAKE HER SQUEAL HYSTERICALLY! The sadistic redhead rakes her silky soles with all ten of her nails at once, smirking with satisfaction as Bella screams and shrieks with desperate laughter, babbling in a mixture of English and Italian as her soles are treated to a merciless tickling. Bianca finishes her off with dual combs and dual hairbrushes, sawing the comb between her toes until Bella's screaming with laughter and bucking like crazy, then SCRUBBING HER SOLES WITH THE BRUSHES UNTIL SHE'S LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY AND HER ENDURANCE IS COMPLETELY SPENT! She leaves Bella locked in the stocks, gasping for air and covered in sweat.

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