TickleIntensive – Brutal Between the Toes

Bella is a gorgeous Italian ballerina who is desperately ticklish, ESPECIALLY on her size 9 feet. Even worse, Bianca knows Bella can't stand being tickled between the toes – it her tickles so bad it makes her scream and cry. AFTER HEARING THAT, WE JUST HAD TO SEE HOW MUCH TICKLING BETWEEN THE TOES BELLA COULD TAKE! She is wrapped and strapped to the bed, with her big toes tightly toetied, effectively rendering her feet completely helpless.

Bianca can't wait to get between Bella's toes and drive her insane, but she starts with her soles first, viciously tickling them with her sharp nails. Bella can't hold back and laugh hysterically as her soles are mercilessly raked. She tries to struggle, but the bondage is tight and restrictive. “I CAN'T MOVE!” she screams, while Bianca covers her feet in baby oil and subjects her helpless soles to another round of tickle t0rture. Bella begs for the tickling to stop, but Bianca takes that s her cue break out the COMB! BIANCA SAWS THE COMB BETWEEN BELLA'S EACH OF BELLA'S TOES, FORCING HER TO SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS AND CACKLE LIKE A WITCH! Bella tries to beg, but she can't find the breath to speak coherently. “I CAN'T…. NO MORE… I'M GOING TO PEE!” But no matter how much she begs, the tickling goes on and on. Bianca switches to the brush, punishing her neglected soles, causing Bella to scream in surprise and frantic laughter. BUT THE COMB RETURNS ALL TOO SOON TO HARASS HER TOES YET AGAIN! THE SADISTIC REDHEAD EVEN WORKS HER FINGERS BETWEEN BELLA'S TOES, DRIVING HER MAD WITH LAUGHTER!

Bella's upperbody is also desperately ticklish and Bianca pays special attention to her pits, sides, bare stomach, and hips. BELLA HAS NOWHERE TO GO – SHE CAN ONLY FLUTTER HER HANDS IN PROTEST AND SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER AS BIANCA HAS HER WAY WITH EVERY TICKLISH SPOT ON HER BODY! She's being pushed past her limits, but Bianca doesn't care, and tickles her without an ounce of pity!

Bella is forced to endure the comb between each of her toes a total of three times, and every time is worse than the last for the exhausted woman. She is drenched in sweat and screaming hysterically, but that's not enough for Bianca. She finishes her off with more between the toes tickling and a final dual hairbrushing that leaves Bella gasping for air and completely wrecked.

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