TickleIntensive – Desperately Ticklish Beauty Queen

It pays to have contacts in the fashion world. Gisela is a legit international beauty queen visiting from Europe who is DESPERATELY TICKLISH. Her narrow size 9.5 feet are the most ticklish spot on her body, and the rest of her smoking hot body is almost as sensitive! Gisela's sexy feet have carried her down some of the most famous runways in the world, but today they're locked in the stocks, her silky soles bare and vulnerable. Her long toes have been toetied for additional immobility.

Bianca can't wait to see just how sensitive this German-French hottie is and begins by tickling her supple soles with her sharp nail. Gisela squeals in surprise and laughs uncontrollably, coughing and gasping as her reactions spirals out of control. GISELA IS WAY MORE TICKLISH THAN SHE THOUGHT, BUT BIANCA HAS NO MERCY FOR THE FORMER BEAUTY QUEEN, AND TREATS HER SOLES TO A VICIOUS TICKLING! Baby oil makes the tickling even worse – Gisela babbles in a mixture of English and German (her native tongue) for the tickling to stop, begging frantically before waves of intense hysterical laughter takes away all her breath. “DAS KITZELING, OH PLEASE, GOD, STOP!” Bianca ignores her frantic pleading and continues to rake her wrinkled soles with her nails, tickling the hysterical woman crazy until she's shrieking with laughter! The introduction of the comb and hairbrush to Gisela's soles makes for even wilder reactions. Her eyes bug out of her head and she screams with cackling laughter as the comb and brush do their evil work on her helpless soles. By the time Bianca tires of tickling her feet, Gisela is gasping like a fish and drenched in sweat.

Gisela has the gorgeous body of a beauty queen – literally – and she's extremely ticklish to boot! Bianca tickles her armpits, sides, stomach, hips, and inner thighs without a trace of mercy, driving her victim crazy and making her squeal with hysterical laughter. GISELA'S BEGGING IS HOT, BUT HER LAUGHTER/STRUGGLING IS EVEN HOTTER, AND BIANCA SADISTICALLY TICKLES HER SWEAT-SLICKED UPPERBODY UNTIL HER FINGERS ACHE!

Gisela barely has time for a few quick breaths before Bianca starts tickling her feet again. SHE DRIVES HER WILD, CONCENTRATING ON HER ARCHES AND JUST UNDER THE TOES, GISELA'S MOST SENSITIVE SPOTS! This extremely sensitive hottie is completely exhausted, but the intense foot tickling forces her to laugh hysterically and struggle like crazy, her long hair sticking to her sweaty face and neck. Her cheeks turn bright red as she screams with laughter, gasping for air and cursing with frustration. An intense hairbrush segment finally exhausts Gisela and she is left locked in the stocks to gasp with relief.

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