TickleIntensive – Desperately Ticklish Booth Babe

Britney is a stunning blonde hottie who works as a booth babe and commercial model for a MAJOR video game company. Shes also practically BEST FRIENDS WITH BIANCA! BRITNEY IS OFF-THE-CHARTS TICKLISH AND WITH HER CURRENT SUCCESS SHE'D NEVER CONSIDER A TICKLING FETISH SHOOT, but after months of convincing from Bianca, she's FINALLY agreed to give tickling a one-time try only! BRITNEY'S NEVER BEEN TIED UP BEFORE, she's never been tickled for more than few seconds, and she doesnt know the true extent of her own sensitivity. Despite her nervousness, she reluctantly allows herself to be locked in the stocks for her FIRST SESSION EVER. HER INCREDIBLY TICKLISH SIZE 9 FEET ARE SILKY SOFT WITH DEEP ARCHES AND SENSITIVE TOES! HER FEET ARE THE MOST TICKLISH SPOT ON HER BODY and her toes have been toetied for complete immobility.

BIANCA BREAKS BRITNEY DOWN INTO A MESS OF HYSTERICS IN MERE SECONDS! Her feet are the worst and just a few strokes from Biancas sharp fingernails has her cackling hysterically! BRITNEY HOWLS WITH EXTREMELY HOT LAUGHTER, babbling incoherently and struggling like crazy while fingernails rake her tender arches and torment her sensitive toes! Baby oil is applied to her soles and she sighs with relief, thinking the worst of the tickling is over… UNTIL SHE FEELS BIANCAS NAILS GLIDING ACROSS HER OILED SOLES! THE SENSATION COMPLETELY OVERWHELMS BRITNEY, CAUSING HER TO SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER, struggling and shrieking like a woman possessed as her feet are subjected to a merciless tickling! Everything tickles her feet horribly – the comb between the toes is just too much to take, fingernails on her soles is overload, and SHE ESPECIALLY CAN'T STAND THE BRUSH SCRUBBING HER TICKLISH SOLES! Britney screams with cackling laughter, completely unable to control herself, and the fact that her friend is the one tickling her seems to make it even worse! SHES WRECKED IN THE FIRST FEW MINUTES, COVERED IN SWEAT AND BEGGING FRANTICALLY FOR A BREAK, but the relentless tickling continues without respite!

Britney's sexy upperbody is also desperately ticklish and every sensitive spot is to the fullest. BIANCA VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER RIDICULOUSLY SENSITIVE ARMPITS, SIDES, STOMACH, HIPS, EVEN HER TICKLISH INNER THIGHS! Britney screams with hysterical laughter, frantically pulls at her bonds, and begs for mercy! "IT TICKLES SOOOOO MUCH! PLEASE, I CANT TAKE IT, STOP!" SHE SQUEALS, BUT THE TICKLING ONLY GETS WORSE! Pretty soon, the tickling is so bad Britney only has enough breath to cackle with hysterics, all the while Bianca smiling with satisfaction at her desperate plight!

Britney is exhausted from the extreme tickling but BIANCA'S HAVING WAAAAAAYYY TOO MUCH FUN TO SHOW HER FRIEND EVEN AN OUNCE OF MERCY! She punishes her bare feet all over again with her nails, the comb, and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! Britney screams with agonized throughout the entire process, panting for air between bouts of laughter, her feet wiggling and twitching seductively as Bianca tickles every last millimeter of ticklish skin! TOTALLY EXHAUSTED, SHE THINKS SHE CAN'T LAUGH ANYMORE, BUT BIANCA PROVES HER WRONG BY SCRUBBING HER SOLES WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES UNTIL SHE'S SCREAMING WITH LAUGHTER! By the time its over, Britney's completely wrecked, covered in sweat, and gasping with relief that the tickling is finally over… for now.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 8023 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 320 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 9:58.362
Size: 577,806 Mb

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