TickleIntensive – Desperately Ticklish Canadian

Michelle is a TALL, GORGEOUS AND DESPERATELY TICKLISH FRENCH-CANADIAN FASHION MODEL WITH HUGE SIZE 12 FEET! She passes the audition flawlessly, but she's never been tickle t0rtured before in her life, and she has no idea what she's just gotten herself into! Michelle is locked in the stocks in her bra (later removed to reveal her TICKLISH BARE BREASTS!) and her hot feet are tightly toetied to ensure she can't move them an inch!

Bianca can't wait to drive this desperately ticklish blonde hottie over the edge. She starts with Michelle's worst spot – her big bare feet, raking her sharp nails up and down her sensitive soles, making her squeal with surprise and scream with bouts of uncontrollable laughter. MICHELLE'S LAUGHTER IS HOT AND ADDICTIVE – SO HOT THAT BIANCA CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! She covers her sexy feet in baby oil and viciously tickles her oiled soles with her fingernails, the comb, and the brush, driving her victim crazy! Michelle shrieks and cackles with hysteria throughout the entire ordeal, and WHEN THE BRUSH IS APPLIED TO HER SENSITIVE SOLES SHE HAS HER MOST INTENSE REACTION YET, JERKING IN HER BONDS AND SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER!

Michelle's upperbody is also desperately ticklish. BIANCA STRIPS OFF HER BRA TO REVEAL HER VICTIM'S BIG AND TICKLISH BREASTS! She then proceeds to brutally tickle her armpits, BREASTS, NIPPLES, sides, stomach, hips, even her ticklish inner thighs! Michelle screams with hysterical laughter and struggles like crazy, but the bondage is secure, and there’s nowhere for her to go! SHE PLEADS FOR MERCY, BUT THERE'S NO WAY BIANCA'S STOPPING NOW, SHE'S JUST TOO MUCH FUN TO TICKLE! With no way to stop her tormentor, Michelle has no choice but to laugh and scream with frustration as her nude upperbody is subjected to a merciless tickling!

Michelle is dripping with sweat and panting with exhaustion but Bianca's not finished with her yet! She wants to hear more of this sexy blonde's hot laughter, SO SHE TICKLES HER FEET WITHOUT MERCY, spidering her nails in her silky arches until she's squealing hysterical and begging for her to stop! She stops using her fingernails only to switch to DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, SCRUBBING SEXY HER SOLES UNTIL SHE'S SCREAMING WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER! Michelle is left locked in the stocks, dripping with sweat, and gasping with relief… for now.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 8023 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 320 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:32.867
Size: 609,346 Mb

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