TickleIntensive – Elena From Europe

Blonde, tall, and beautiful, Elena is a tickler's dream come true. She's a legit high fashion model from Europe who's EXTREMELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER HUGE SIZE 12.5 FEET (EXTRA WIDE)! Elena's totally vanilla – she has no experience with bondage and does not know the meaning of the phrase “tickle t0rture.” That, of course, will be changing. She is locked in the stocks in a strapless bra, LATER REMOVED TO EXPOSE HER BIG AND SENSITIVE BREASTS! Her long toes have been tightly toetied for complete immobility.

Bianca can't wait to pop Elena's cherry and start with her most ticklish area, her huge feet. She rakes her nails up and down her silky soles, causing her to burst into bouts of hysterically laughter! Elena's accent is hot and it makes Bianca want hear even more of her laughter. SHE SPIDERS HER NAILS IN ELENA'S ARCHES, MAKING HER SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER AND BEG FRANTICALLY IN HER NATIVE BALTIC TONGUE, BUT THE TICKLING ONLY GETS WORSE! Her soles are covered in generous amounts of baby oil, and when Bianca glides her sharp nails across her oiled soles, she squeals with uncontrollable laughter. Elena is shrieking with laughter and drenched in sweat, but Bianca shows no sign of letting up, RAKING ELENA'S BIG SOLES WITH HER NAILS UNTIL THE POOR WOMAN IS SCREAMING WITH HYSTERIA! Then she harasses her feet with the comb, running the implement across her soles and between her long toes, making her squeal with laughter. Elena thinks it can't get any worse, but then her sensitive soles are introduced to the brush, and SHE SCREAMS WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER AS HER SOLES ARE SUBJECTED TO A BRUTAL SCRUBBING!!

Elena's toned and extremely ticklish upperbody cannot be ignored, especially after HER BRA IS FORCIBLY REMOVED TO EXPOSE HER BARE BREASTS! Bianca takes advantage of her restrained position, viciously tickling her armpits, sides, BREASTS, NIPPLES, hip, even her sensitive inner thighs! Elena shrieks with laughter and struggles like crazy, shaking her breasts salaciously as her upperbody is mercilessly tickle t0rtured! She begs and curses in a hot mixture of broken English and her native tongue, making for a hot soundtrack to her desperate reactions, and encouraging Bianca to tickle her even harder!

ELENA THINKS SHE'S BEEN THROUGH THE WORST OF IT BUT THE SCENE IS BARELY HALF OVER! Bianca returns to her big sensitive feet and punishes them with intense tickling. She spiders her nails in Elena's arches until she's screaming with exhausted laughter, struggling like crazy, and shaking her tits uncontrollably as tickle t0rture goes on and on! BIANCA COMES FULL CIRCLE FOR THE FINALE, MERCILESSLY SCRUBBING ELENA'S SOLES WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, GETTING THE HOTTEST REACTIONS YET OUT OF THE HYSTERICAL WOMAN! Tickled well beyond the point of exhaustion, Elena is left locked in the stocks, drenched in sweat and gasping with relief… for now.

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