TickleIntensive – Elena Suffers

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Elena is a hot fashion model from Europe who’s tall, blonde, and EXTREMELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER HUGE SIZE 12.5 (WW) FEET! For this scene, she has been tightly wrapped and strapped to the bed TOPLESS, exposing her big and ticklish breasts! Elena’s gorgeous bare feet are on display, and snug toeties looped around her huge big toes complete the bondage, rendering Elena immobile.

Bianca is eager to drive this tall and ticklish goddess wild with tickle t0rture, so she starts with her most ticklish spot, HER HUGE BARE FEET! She rakes her nails up and down Elena’s wide and silky soft soles, causing her burst into bout of hysterical laughter! She begs frantically in her native Baltic tongue for the tickling to stop, but Bianca spiders her nails in her tender arches, and she is forced to scream with intense laughter. BABY OIL MAKES ELENA’S HUGE FEET EVEN MORE TICKLISH, AND WHEN SHARP FINGERNAILS RAKE DOWN HER SLICK SOLES, SHE SHRIEKS WITH HYSTERIA AND STRUGGLES LIKE A MADWOMAN, HER BIG TITS SHAKING SALACIOUSLY! Bianca smirks with satisfaction as she uses her nails to drive this tall European fashion model crazy, making break out in a sweat as she curses, pleads, and screams with hysterical laughter! The comb is just as bad as fingernails for Elena and she squeals with uncontrollable laughter as the implement is dragged across her soles and sawed between her toes. THE HAIRBRUSH IS EVEN WORSE – IT MAKES ELENA SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER AND PLEAD WITH DESPERATION AS HER BARE SOLES ARE SUBJECTED TO A MERCILESS BRUSHING!

Elena’s naked and sweaty upperbody is too ticklish to be ignored. BIANCA VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER ARMPITS, SIDES, BARE BREASTS, NIPPLES, STOMACH, AND HIPS, FORCING THIS HOT BLONDE TO SHRIEK WITH BOUTS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! Elena curses with frustration and struggles with all her might, but she’s tied down tight, and she has no choice but to laugh hysterically and beg for mercy. Of course, her laughter/frantic pleading is music to Bianca ears, and she tickles her harder to pull even more intense reactions from the hysterical woman. Elena is drenched in sweat and gasping for air, but her sensitivity persists, and SHE’S FORCED TO LAUGH HYSTERICALLY AS BIANCA THOROUGHLY TICKLE T0RTURES EVERY SENSITIVE SPOT ON HER UPPERBODY!

Bianca returns to her victim’s huge and incredibly ticklish bare feet for another round of tickling. Elena begs frantically when she sees her tormentor moving toward her captive soles, BUT HER PLEADING IS USELESS, and she dissolves in bouts of hysterical laughter as the intense tickling overwhelms her. Bianca sighs and coos with arousal as the hysterical woman desperately pleads with her in a sexy mixture of accented English and Baltic! ELENA’S BARE FEET ARE MERCILESSLY TICKLED UNTIL SHE’S REDUCED TO A SWEATY, GASPING MESS… AND THEN BIANCA STOPS FOR A FEW SECONDS, LETTING THE POOR WOMAN THINK THE SESSION IS FINALLY OVER, ONLY TO ATTACK HER BARE SOLES WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! The instant Elena feels those stiff bristles scrubbing her sensitive soles, she bursts into bouts of agonized laughter, shrieking with hysteria and struggling madly until the tickling is finally over! She is left tied to the bed, completely wrecked, drenched in sweat, and gasping for air.

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