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Gina is one of those girls who likes to remain in control. She projects a very serious demeanor which is reflected in both her dress and voice. GINA DOES NOT LIKE TO BE TICKLED – it makes her lose control and she hates her laughter, which is high-pitched and frantic. She hates tickling, so I'm not sure how Bianca convinced her to do the shoot, but Gina's locked in the stocks in a hot bra and panty set regardless! Her bra is removed early on in the scene, REVEALING HER TICKLISH BREASTS AND PIERCED NIPPLES! Gina's immaculate size 7.5 feet are her most ticklish spot by far. Her sensitive toes are tightly toetied, immobilizing her feet.

Bianca's never had a chance to tickle t0rture a goth girl as hot and sensitive as Gina so she can't wait to break this serious hottie. She starts by tickling her feet and the reaction is immediate – GINA BURSTS INTO HIGH-PITCHED LAUGHTER, SQUEALING HYSTERICALLY AS HER SOLES ARE RAKED BY SHARP FINGERNAILS! Gina takes meticulous care of her feet and keeps them in boots and socks almost all the time, making her soles baby soft and incredibly sensitive, but now that sensitivity works against her as the intense foot tickling forces her to shriek with hysterical laughter! BIANCA COVERS HER FEET IN BABY OIL AND RESUMES HER TICKLISH ASSAULT, SPIDERING HER NAILS IN GINA'S SLICK ARCHES, DRIVING HER CRAZY AND MAKING HER SCREAM WITH LAUGHTER! She struggles like a madwoman and laughs uncontrollably as the foot tickling goes on and on without a break. When Bianca tickles her feet with the brush, Gina shrieks with loud bouts of hysterical laughter and breaks into a heavy sweat, gasping for breath as and laughing like crazy as her goth girl soles are subjected to a merciless scrubbing!

Gina's upperbody is hot and ridiculously ticklish. Bianca makes her upperbody even hotter when she removes her bra early on in the scene, REVEALING HER BIG AND TICKLISH BREASTS!! Gina screams with peals of hysterical laughter as her armpits, sides, TITS, stomach, hips, thighs, even her knees are all viciously tickled! BIANCA LOVES HER VICTIM'S SEXY LAUGHTER AND WANTS MORE OF IT, SO SHE TICKLES HER EVEN HARDER, IGNORING THE HYSTERICAL GIRL'S DESPERATE PROTESTS! Gina tries to beg, but the tickling is intense, and she can't get much out as Bianca tickles her breasts and upperbody without mercy. Instead, she's forced to endure the merciless tickling, laughing hysterically and struggling frantically until she's covered in a hot sheen of sweat!

Gina thinks she can't take anymore tickling but Bianca's going to prove to her that's she's very wrong! She tickles her feet twice as hard, driving this hysterical goth girl to even higher heighs of hysteria! GINA'S LONG HAIR WHIPS BACK AND FORTH AS SHE STRUGGLES AND LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY, SHRIEKING FOR BIANCA TO STOP, BUT THE SADISTIC REDHEAD IGNORES HER PLEAS AND TICKLES HER FEET EVEN MORE! She punishes her feet a final time with the brush, scrubbing her soles until Gina is tickled into complete exhaustion. She leaves her locked in the stocks, drenched in sweat and panting for air, relieved the tickling's over… for now.

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