TickleIntensive – Goth Girl Punishment

Extremely ticklish Goth girl Gina hates being tickled and being blindfolded and ball gagged only adds to her humiliation. She is stripped TOPLESS and locked in the stocks and looking hot as hell blind and gagged! Her gorgeous size 7.5 feet are her most ticklish spot, so they are tightly toetied, rendering them immobile.

It's twice as fun to tickle someone when they can't see or beg, and Bianca intends to have as much as possible… AT GINA'S EXPENSE, OF COURSE! She rakes her nails up and down her silky soles, causing her blindfolded victim to scream with surprise, then surge muffled laughter into the gag. Gina has a big mouth, and when she opens wide to scream with hysterical laughter, the gag barely dampens her hot laughter. She tries pleading for mercy while Bianca massages baby oil into her silky soles, but the ball gag garbles her words, and her tormentor laughs at her pathetic attempts at begging before resuming the foot tickling. GINA SHRIEKS WITH A MIXTURE OF FRUSTRATION, RAGE, AND HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER AS HER EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HER IMMOBILE FEET ARE VICIOUSLY TICKLE T0RTURED! The application of the brush takes her totally off-guard, and she shrieks with peals of hot agonized laughter, encouraging Bianca to subject her soles to an EXTENDED SCRUBBING!! About half through the scene, Gina's blindfold and ball gag are removed so Bianca can enjoy her laughter and pleading to the fullest.

Gina's naked and extremely ticklish upperbody is practically irresistible. Bianca takes full advantage of her restrained state, mercilessly tickling her armpits, BREASTS, NIPPLES, sides, stomach, hips, even her sensitive inner thighs! GINA SCREAMS WITH LAUGHTER AND BEGS HOTLY, BUT HER PROTESTS ARE IGNORED, AND SHE IS FORCED TO ENDURE THE INTENSE TICKLING FOR AS LONG AS HER TORMENTOR PLEASES! Bianca knows how much Gina hates being tickled, and judging by the huge grin on her face, she's enjoying her task much more than usual. She tickles the helpless girl without an ounce of mercy, and despite the fact her victim is covered in sweat and gasping for air, she never let up!

Bianca returns to Gina's helpless soles for more tickle t0rture. She tickles her feet with her sharp nails, watching with sadistic fascination as her restrained toes twitching desperately, smiling as the poor girl screams with laughter! Gina can't take much more tickling but Bianca doesn't care – SHE POURS ON THE PUNISHMENT, TICKLING HER SWEATY BARE SOLES WITH A BRUTAL COMBINATION OF FINGERNAILS AND DUAL HAIRBRUSHES UNTIL GINA IS TICKLED INTO TOTAL EXHAUSTION! She is left locked in the stocks, drenched in sweat, panting for breath, completely spent.

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